Act your age..

I guess once or twice, we’ve gotten the question from a parent or a relative or maybe a friend;

“When will you act your age”

Just recently, I started to ask myself, how does one act their age?

I am 24 and honestly don’t know how a 24year old should act.

Does it differ with gender? Or we both should act the same?

Well, I think it involves our choice of words.

So, how should a 24year old talk?

Do we have a dress pattern also?

Is it the same worldwide? Or we Africans enjoy being spot on with everything?

Whatever happened to the adage “Age is just a number”

Apparently, it is the length of time that I have lived yes? How do I show this in my actions?


It comes with experience too.

Does your granny act their age?

Every wise man is not Old

The young men ain’t always foolish

The Contemporary English Version of the Bible in Job 32:9 tells;

Age is no guarantee of wisdom and understanding.

Meanwhile, life cannot be explained, it can only be lived.

So I’m sorry if my actions don’t tally with your perspective of the “act your age syndrome”.

Just let me breath.

Until I’m convinced on how to act per age, I’d act how I want/feel, when I do want to because I’d only get a chance to do so at that moment.

You guys, my comment section is open for corrections and suggestions.

Until next time, just be your self





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Is this even a topic? 


Sorry guys, my woman crush came on a Thursday. 

I’ve been obsessed with this girl since way back when “umbrella” was a hit. 

The 29year old screen goddess has not ceased to amaze us every year, from fashion [it’s ugly, until Rihanna changes that] and her music. She has been hitting us back to back. 

Recently she got attached to her Saudi Arabian billionaire boyfriend and all we now see is more beauty and thickness [ yass, she got thicker] .

Enough said guys *inhales*exhales*

Pree this pictures 😍

Skincare review: Makeup Necessities 

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       Hello guys, 

It feels really good to be back on here.

How long I been gone for? 2years? 


2 months felt like years and I missed this space. 


I’ve been about too much lately, but majorly improving my makeup skills. And I have been pushing myself to recreate some of my favourite looks ( that’s not for today).

Usually, I’m not the type to do a makeover everyday, and when I do, I don’t miss/replace any of my necessaries *big grin* 

  • Eyebrows: Check ✅
  • Eyeliners:  Especially gel liners, although most people will replace this with a lipstick, I look pale without it, and I’d rather not attempt applying makeup than not line my eyes (winged or not). 
  • Shea Butter: Wondering what this is for?


I use this to moisturize. It was a mere trial the first time, but I keep going back to it. 

It works a great deal, the benefits are amazing *breathes*

  1. Acts as lubricant to dry skin.
  2. It reduces inflammation.
  3. It is very affordable.
  4. It offers UV (in SPF 6).
  5. It contains vitamins A, E, F and K.

You can also try this as a night cream, it works for stretch marks too.

  • Foundation: I stand to be corrected, but there’s no makeup without a foundation.
  • Oil Control Powder:  Yass! I had to specify. I’m currently in love with the outcome of this palette, even when I do not bake it comes out nice.

I rather not apply makeup than go on without any one of the above.
Please drop your comments, I’d love to know what you’d replace or add up.

Diary of a fat Girl

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There are days I wish I could cross my legs and comfortably sit for long.

There are days I wish I could wear a swimsuit and pretend I am a badass swimmer (I think I’m aquaphobic, I’ll rather just admire people swim while i hang at one corner).
There are days I wish I could wear a tan top and not complain about my hands or wear a big shirt and not look round.

There are days I wish I could look myself in the mirror and find not a single flaw to worry about.

There are days I wish I could wear the clothes I admire (as funny as it sounds, half my wardrobe are clothes just waiting for the weightloss game to win…guys you can’t imagine).

There are days I wish I didn’t have to complain about anything and just be myself.

There are days I tell myself, “Girl you’re perfect, this is who you are” and I just embrace myself.

Fortunately, today is that day and I am loving myself all the way.

P.s the picture isn’t me..but we all agree she’s Big, Black and Beautiful


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Again I go away for so long, but I’m always here with y’all. 💋

I read your posts. And your likes and comments, thanks you, it really makes me feel some type of way especially in my belly lol

So for a week, Ive been eating bole (roasted plantain) and fish for lunch.

I quite know I  shouldn’t be concerned but I am o. Infact, Im bothered at how long Id continue with this. 


Usually my breakfast is very light, so I by myself tell myself that it’s okay to have bole for lunch “after all you had just one cucumber for breakfast”.

Tbt, I work in a hidden location and i don’t have a car or excess cash to have to go into the town just to eat everyday. So you see, my people, I’m left with eating from this small bukas that I have a problem with (coz I’m not sure how well they cook, what water they use, and how clean their pots are) and having this bole that I didn’t enjoy for roughly 2 years while in the west. 

N/b: the one eaten with groundnut is called Boli while Bole is eaten with sauce and Fish. Yelz 

Ermm.. this isn’t a complaint post yh. 

Just incase you’re going to suggest I go to work with food, Hollup!! I tried that too. But I end up eating before lunch time so I don’t have to eat cold food. 

I need help! Volunteers, probably to send some cash my way regularly so i can go into town or people to bring me food in turns (I didn’t say that o) lol

But I do need help so I don’t start getting irritated at the sight or smell of bole.

You know, “ju elo ti ohun gbogbo ti je buburu”
Please drop your suggestions, comments and advice guys, I’d need them. 

Btw, the title is subjected to change If I think of something better, otherwise it remains.


                 I Love you 💋

Currently I am..

Listening to: Nana Fofie’s mad over you mashup. Guys it is lit. Do check it out here

Wearing: A thrifted sky blue shirt I got for #700 and a grey high waisted pants.(Pardon me guys, I don’t have a camera and I haven’t taken time to learn how to edit properly).

Reading: Building a successful Family – Faith A. Oyedepo (twas one out of the 5 books for last month). I’m still trying to finish up.

Eating: Cucumber with Spinach and grape smoothie  (I can’t even believe it’s been one week since I started this journey  *whoop whoop*

Loving: Myself.

You are too damn strong baby girl, and this fairytale you’re fighting for would be all over your face real soon. Keep the strength

           I LOVE YOU BABY

Admiring: Fiu Negru. Sadly, I don’t understand French but I love this lady, from her physique to her work. P.s she’s a fashion designer.

Happy about: My weight loss progress. It’s slow but steadily coming through. *tongue out*

Frustrated about: This project assigned to me by my boss. It keeps me up all night and busy all day.

Wishing: I could travel to Lagos for a week. It’s been a minute, I miss that city.

Meanwhile, hope you all had a nice weekend?

Don’t forget to start this week with positivity and stay in it.😊

My March to-do list…

Hey bunnies, 

        So I haven’t decided yet on how regularly I should put up a post, and I really don’t want to be far from you guys. Also, I am sorry I was away for some days.

Sadly, I’ve been ill since Monday morning. The way malaria caught up on me was too sudden, I haven’t been at work since I left that morning but I thank God for speedy recovery tho.

Well, its not too late to make a to-do list for the month yh? So I have a few for march;

  • Regular checkup: usually I’d say “small malaria we won’t hear word” typical nigerian huh. But now, I care too much. I’ve been struck twice and I’m not waiting to slump before I take charge of my health. Hence, I should get checked atleast once every two months.
  • Register at a gym: I’ve been fluctuating between quite fat and fat. Believe me you don’t know how it feels until you hear “you’re fat o” as goodmorning or welcome for 1 straight week. I have had it up to my jaw line and I’m fighting this wicked fat as soon as I finish my drugs. It’s time to get my confidence back.
  • Eat right: yes, I thought this would help me stay in shape too. I read your mind yh? You see this mouth of mine, it craves something to chew per minute and it bothers me but ma şe dààmù I will settle this one too.
  • Do them: you see one thing with making plans, you also have to plan to make your plans happen. Was that gibberish? I know you know what I mean. 

So help me God. I’d try to keep up.

Let me know of anything I could add up to make my life easier guys. 

TGIF!!! Have an awesome weekend.

                               I love y’all 💋